Grant Fund to Help w/ Northport Sewer Hookup

The Record-Eagle reports that a $150,000 grant fund established by the Leelanau Township Community Foundation will help eligible property owners pay the minimum $1,250 hookup fee – the cost to run pipe from the house to the street. The TCRE is of the opinion that this will “help the village emerge from a year of divisive debate, including an unsuccessful recall attempt of pro-sewer elected officials”.

What do you sewer passionate Northporters say? Is the sewer issue over for? Can we have our forum back? I sure hope so…
Read Foundation will help low-income families connect to sewer in Traverse City Record-Eagle

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    OUTSIDER says:

    The issue is far from over. More information is being gained daily, and will be used in the tax tribunal.

    OUTSIDER says:

    As I told you, I will stay off the Leelanau Forum if you re-start it, as long as I am not attacked personally. I will also not post any sewer related topic. As for others that posted there, I have no control over them. I was simply stating the truth that the topic is far from over.

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