Leelanau Almanac for the Week of December 21-27, 2006

Fishtown Christmas, photo by Andrew McFarlane

Fishtown Christmas (2004) by Andrew McFarlane (click for a background/wallpaper sized image!)

News from the Week

The top story was the passing of former President and Michigan native Gerald R. Ford. Ford brought common sense and fair dealing to Washington at a time when our country was sorely tested. Other stories included a look at how folks wrote 100 years ago in Leelanau, a grant to cover some needed repairs at the Grand Traverse Lighthouse and severe weather damage to crops in 2006.

The Week’s Weather

There might have been dreams of a white Christmas, but when we opened our eyes, it was pretty much browns, grays and greens. The mercury even hit 50 degrees on Friday.

December 21, 2006: Early sun, afternoon clouds & upper 30s (39Ëš/28Ëš)
December 22, 2006: Mostly cloudy, light rain & upper 40s (50Ëš/37Ëš) Record high
December 23, 2006: Cloudy, light rain & mid 30s (37Ëš/35Ëš)
December 24, 2006: Sunny & low 40s (44Ëš/32Ëš)
December 25, 2006: Mostly cloudy & mid 30s (37Ëš/33Ëš)
December 26, 2006: Mostly cloudy & low 30s (36Ëš/28Ëš)
December 27, 2006: Early clouds, afternoon sun & mid 30s (39Ëš/28Ëš)

Click for the Leelanau news archive from December 22nd – December 28th, 2005!

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  1. Maureen Todd
    Maureen Todd says:

    This picture brings back memories. The Falling Waters Restruant and Lodge. The boat in this picture was owned by
    Ross Lang. The restruant use to be owned by
    Jack Hollanger (sp) and the lodge was owned by his mother Lauren. Ross Lang and his black lab named Captain went out daily fishing for white fish which he would sell to Bill Carlson. This one picture holds a life time of memories for me.

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