Leelanau Almanac for the Week of December 28, 2006 – January 3, 2007

Winter Scene by leelanau2010

Winter Scene by leelanau2010

News from the Week

The week’s top story was news that the Fishtown Preservation Society has reached the $2.5 million goal it set to buy Fishtown and are on track to close the purchase this month. The next phase of the society’s plan for Fishtown will seek to raise an additional $2 million for efforts to maintain and preserve Fishtown’s historic structures, fishing boats and equipment and to create historical interpretation and education programs to reflect the history of commercial fishing on the Great Lakes. Other stories included news that a new cherry marketing plan will be unveiled next month in New York City.

The Week’s Weather

This week was another great week for those who don’t like snow and cold – it’s too bad most of them have left for the winter. With temps in the 30s and 40s and some sun, it was a milder week than most of November.

December 28, 2006: Cloudy & 30s (37Ëš/33Ëš)
December 29, 2006: Cloudy & 30s (36Ëš/32Ëš)
December 30, 2006: Cloudy & 30s (37Ëš/34Ëš)
December 31, 2006: Cloudy, some drizzle & low 40s (44Ëš/34Ëš)
January 1, 2007: Partly sunny & upper 40s (48Ëš/28Ëš) Record high!
January 2, 2007: Mostly sunny & low 40s (42Ëš/28Ëš)
January 2, 2007: Mostly sunny & upper 40s (48Ëš/34Ëš)

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