Leelanau Almanac for the Week of February 28 – March 5, 2008

February Morning in Leelanau by Bean in Sylvan Lake

February Morning in Leelanau by Bean in Sylvan Lake

News from the Week

Stories from the week included news that Lutz remains interested despite listing of Sugar Loaf, a look at Leland’s Regional basketball run (they won the title last night), a flashback to Leelanau in the 1930s (courtesy the Leelanau Enterprise) with a photo of the old Leland breakwater and a photo of Lake Michigan from Northport Point. Due to a calendrical miscalculation, we also have a feature on last month’s Glen Arbor Winterfest that includes the winners of the perch fishing and chili cookoff.

The Week’s Weather

The week’s weather was (except for a brief interlude of rain on Sunday night) pretty darn wintry and we still have lots of snow!

February 28, 2008: Flurries & teens (23/0)
February 29, 2008: Light snow, some sun & 20s (30/14)
March 1, 2008: Light snow and 20s (28/10)
March 2, 2008: Mostly sunny & 20s with a late warmup and overnight rain (46/9)
March 3, 2008: Early rain, wet snow late (50/19)
March 4, 2008: Partly sunny and 20s (26/14)
March 5, 2008: Early sun, afternoon clouds and light snow (28/24)

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