Leelanau Conservation District Plant & Seedling Sale

Lonely tree in the morning by jsorbieusThe Enterprise reports that the Leelanau Conservation District’s annual seedling and plant sale is now underway. The sale is a fundraiser where:

Selections are available in quantities ranging from five conifers or deciduous transplants, to thousands of seedlings. Also available are wildlife shrubs, groundcovers, native grasses, ferns and wildflowers.

“With the variety of species available, there are plants to suit every site condition imaginable,” said Buzz Long, new executive director of the district. “Whether you desire to plant trees for future timber production or for a windbreak to reduce wind erosion or to provide a snow screen, we offer species that will fit the bill.”

More info and order form are available at the Conservation District web site.

Photo credit: Lonely tree in the morning by jsorbieus (click through to get it wallpaper sized!)