Leland Harbor to be dredged

Leland Harbor MouthThe Enterprise reports that the Leland Township Board agreed on a plan that will combine funds generated at the harbor, donations from private interests and a $7,000 contribution from Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore to clean out the entrance to the the Leland Harbor.

The Township Board agreed Friday to front the $62,000 needed for the project — $50,000 for the work itself, and $12,000 to cover fees being charged by the Army Corps of Engineers to oversee and issue permits for the work.

The cost was thought to be higher just a week ago, when township officials learned the Corps planned to charge a $24,000 “administration” fee. But Leland Township combined efforts with Arcadia Township, which also owns a harbor needing to be dredged, to cut each of their costs in half.

Work will begin within a couple weeks. Harbor committee chair Cris Telgard says that a goal of $18,000 in contributions from businesses and residents to raise $18,000 is well underway. Contact the Fishtown Preservation Society at 256-8878 to learn how to make tax deductible donations.

Read Leland harbor dredging a go from the Leelanau Enterprise.