The Iris Farm

Leelanau Iris Farm

Took this photo on Saturday at the centennial Iris Farm along M-72 about 5 miles west of Traverse City (5385 E. Traverse Highway). It’s really a beautiful place.

See it on the map (the blue flag on M-72)

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  1. jonking
    jonking says:

    Wow… I wish I lived closer, then I could swing by places like this while things are still in bloom !

  2. Cher
    Cher says:

    I’m pretty sure I was driving by when this picture was being taken. I was thinking that I KNEW I was supposed to have my camera with me….and then we saw a gentleman with a camera on a tripod and was hoping I’d get to see the results. Thank you for sharing it here!


  3. Mike Imirie
    Mike Imirie says:

    My wife has long enjoyed the Iris Farm, far more for its exquisite blooms than its Centennial farm look. I’ve photographed there four or five times, but never had the success of your photographer. KUDOS!

  4. colleen smith
    colleen smith says:

    HI, im trying to find the website to the iris farm in traverse city. if you could let me know where to find that i would appriciate it.
    thanks, colleen

  5. Kay
    Kay says:

    Two different years we have visited the iris farm in late july and the daylily acres in bloom are beautiful and very well labelled by variety. It is a joy to walk among the bountiful rows of daylilies in full bloom and write down for purchase the ones you want. I have paid on site with the order. In the early fall the order arrives freshly dug, well packaged, and healthy generous divisions for a very reasonable price. Definitely a worthwhile excursion for a garden enthusiast visiting Traverse City. Thanks!

  6. susan
    susan says:

    I visited here this summer and it was beautiful but I have a question. In the gardens by the house are several flowers that have a large pod on them as they bloom. What are these flowers?

  7. Richard Mason
    Richard Mason says:

    We live just south of Suttons Bay and been stopping there picking out in the sprin and picking up in the fall and now are yard is full of these. You can’t beat the price, trust me I have looked.

  8. Shelley Smith
    Shelley Smith says:

    Was thinking of driving to the Iris farm this weekend and wondered will there still be iris in bloom – or have I missed them?

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