Northport – Omena Summit II

NorthportMuch has changed in Northport during the two years since the first Northport – Omena Summit in 2007. The sewer project is complete and functioning. The 2nd round of Northport graduates will be accepting their tuition funds from the Northport Promise this spring. Work is underway on the Northport Highlands. Many new businesses have opened in Northport and Omena. These changes and their current effect on Northport, Omena and Gill’s Pier will be the focus at the 2nd Northport – Omena Summit.

The Northport – Omena Summit II will be held on Wed, May 20 at 7:00pm in the auditorium at Northport Public School. The program will start with speakers reporting on their specific business or interest in the Northport area communities. The presentations will take just over an hour, then they speakers will adjourn to the lobby where they will be available to audience members for questions and continued discussion.

The topics and speaker are as follows:

Natural Environment and Renewable Energy — Phil vonVoightlander
Agriculture: Cherries, Grapes, Wine and Alternative Crops — Nikki Rothwell and Rick Cross
Light Industrial, Construction Trades and Consulting — Dick Solon
Local Government Challenges and Initiatives — Jim Neve and Greg King
Northport-Omena Commercial Development — Lisa Drummond
Economic Development Corporation — Marsha Buehler
Future by Design — Ann Marie Mitchell
Northport Promise — Ruth Steele Walker
Leelanau Children’s Center — Maggie Sprattmoran
Northport Public School — Jeff Tropf

Refreshments will be served after the presentation and during the discussions in the lobby. For more information, please contact Summit organizer Andy Thomas at

photo: Northport by photoshoparama