(still) ((still)) waiting for sugar loaf

(still) waiting for sugar loaf

(still) waiting for sugar loaf, photo by farlane.

The lift line is looooooooong today…

I posted this photo in April of 2008 after Brad Lutz announced he was pulling out of a purchase agreement. While we’re waiting, here’s a new poll!

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Discuss at Turning the page on Sugar Loaf.



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  1. neverchange
    neverchange says:

    I have not followed all that has gone on at Sugar Loaf. I have tried to understand the players. I have been investigating a group of llc;s (Holding companies, groups, etc.), when a name popped up I did not recognize . . . I goggled it and this leelanu.com/blog hit my screen. This woman has been involved with the chain of buyers mentioned in your article. Interesting group of business people I am connecting.

  2. KarlK
    KarlK says:

    It still amazes me that there are some folks who care enough to navigate their way to this page just to say they don’t care. Are some people’s lives really that sad?

  3. Al Thomas
    Al Thomas says:

    give it up and go on
    when my last son graduated from the Leelanau School in 2002, this same old, same old issue was going on.
    You good people up there should persue other issues, keeping taxes low and keeping the land pristine so us from Grand Rapids can come up and enjoy it. I even took up skiing again in 2003 and couldnt wait, now this is a on going black hole that nobody should even talk about anymore.
    Keep Art’s hamburgers big and their tator tots fresh.
    Its been 8 years since we have been up there and our memories are of one of the nicest places in the Michigan.

  4. KarlK
    KarlK says:

    Al – I seriously doubt that anyone up here is as consumed by the fate of the Loaf as you assume. It’s been a topic of discussion for some time and not much else. Until something happens, there isn’t much to talk about. Then again, the saga of how we ended up where we are in relation to the Loaf is kinda funny when you look at it.

  5. KarlK
    KarlK says:

    Lex – there’s always the (kinda) new Chinese/Thai place in Suttons Bay. Same boat…the food’s really good, but a bit pricey.

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