The Future of Dunegrass

Dunegrass by kuku4manitouFolks may be aware that this year’s Sleeping Bear Dunegrass & Blues Festival ran into major financial difficulties. The Leelanau Enterprise has an article that about the plans of the family of Dunegrass founder Mike Vanderberg, who owns the Dunegrass name:

Amelia Vanderberg, 25, of Empire, whose band ABNC performed at Dunegrass this year, said the family is organizing a non-profit group that could put on Dunegrass and other community-based educational music projects to raise funds for arts and music in the area.

“Part of the mission statement for the non-profit is to have the natural beauty that surrounds us promote and inspire art and music in our community and beyond,” she said.

…Family and friends are in the process of forming the non-profit group and anyone interested in being part of the process can contact Amelia Vanderberg at P.O. Box 75, Empire, MI 49630, or talk to her in person in Empire.

Read Family: We own Dunegrass name in the Enterprise.

Photo: Dunegrass by Joe Burda (be sure to check it out large)

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  1. James Lockthorn
    James Lockthorn says:

    Grass roots productions has mis-managed the festival to a point of jeopardy. Greed and lack of execution and planning have positioned Grass root productions in the red. Hopes are the festival will be taken back by locals and original family to preserve the spirit of the festival. Time to turn it in Grass roots and look somewhere else to find your fortune

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