Leelanau Almanac for the Week of September 5 – 11, 2008

On the Bridge to Barb's by Pentax K1000 Gal

On the Bridge to Barb’s by Pentax K1000 Gal

News from the Week

This week we took a look at The Grand Vision, a citizen-led transportation and land use study. Check it out for some cool videos of what people are thinking about how growth can (and should) impact outdoor recreation, community, housing, jobs and agriculture.  The rest of the news was events, meaning it must be time to get out and do things before the weather makes us decide to pull up a chair by the fire!

The Week’s Weather

The weather was pretty cool, but there was a lot of sun to be had!

Sep 4, 2008: Cloudy, 60 and heavy evening rain (61/54)
Sep 5, 2008: Cloudy, rain and low 60s (67/51)
Sep 6, 2008: Partly sunny & 60s (70/51)
Sep 7, 2008: Mostly sunny & low 70s (73/53)
Sep 8, 2008: Mostly cloudy & low 60s (65/51)
Sep 9, 2008: Mostly sunny & low 60s (64/44)
Sep 9, 2008: Mostly sunny & low 60s (64/44)
Sep 10, 2008: Sunny & 60s (69/39)
Sep 11, 2008: Early sun, late afternoon clouds and heavy overnight rain (74/52)

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