Traverse City, Up-and-coming Foodie Haven

Traverse City, Up-and-coming Foodie HavenThose folks,  lucky enough to live in northern Michigan, are accustom to all of the wonderful local fare that the area has to offer.  From our community farm markets and roadside stands to the fabulous restaurants, that also incorporate local products in their cuisine.  However, thanks to this article from, the secret is out.  The rest of Michigan and the region will know that Traverse City is an “up-and-coming foodie haven.”  As John Flesher, of the Associated Press, points out:

Long a top Midwestern tourist draw for its lakes, rivers, forests, beaches-and the orchards that inspire the self-proclaimed moniker “cherry capital of the world”-the Traverse City area is now home to an increasingly varied and sophisticated culinary culture with a strong emphasis on local ingredients.

The Lake Michigan resort town is awash in award-winning restaurants and wineries, artisan bakeries, dairies and farm markets. Midwest Living magazine recently placed Traverse City second on its list of the region’s best “food towns.”

In the article, Flesher spoke with celebrity chef and summer resident Mario Batali, who says the area food scene “has just exploded.”   A couple of restaurants that he mentions by name, include Trattoria Stella and Suttons Bay’s own, Martha’s Leelanau Table.

Northern Michigan has so many great places and ideas for foodies, here are a few that Flesher didn’t have room to mention. For a truly unique culinary experience, check out Learn Great FoodsLeelanau Cheese is producing award-winning traditional European style cheeses at Black Star Farms.  The Leelanau Peninsula Vintner’s Association offers many wine trail events that pair local fare with some of the area’s best wines.   For a list of Leelanau Restaurants, visit the dining page.

Photo: ~ Stone House Bread ~ by KT of Lake Orion