Video on the History of Leland, Michigan

Via the Leland Chamber of Commerce…

Here’s a nice video feature by on the history of the village of Leland entitled The Story of Leland. It begins:

In its beginnings, Leland, Michigan was one of the oldest and largest Ottawa villages on the Leelanau Peninsula. The site where the Leland River meets Lake Michigan was a natural spot for white settlers from Europe to migrate during the 1-30s. Antoine Manseau and his son settled on the land, building a dam and a sawmill along the river. The area was completely forested with hardwoods, maple, beech, cedar and pine. Using those ripe and previously untouched hardwoods, construction of the dam raised the water levels and Lake Leelanau was created. The new body of water allowed for boats to come in and out carrying lumber and other supplies and it wasn’t long before other industry moved into the area, including the Leland Lake Superior Iron Works and commercial fishing.

The photo is the kilns for the Lake Superior Iron Works. Watch the whole video below!



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