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Glen Lake

According to the Leelanau Conservancy “Glen Lake, framed by a dramatic rise of Sleeping Bear to the west, and surrounded by high-forested moraines to the east and south, presents one of the most recognizable landscapes in Michigan. The waters of Glen Lake are so pure that with increasing depth, on a clear day the water […]

Fouch, Michigan

Fouch was originally established by an African-American, by the name of Smith, who settled on the south end of Lake Leelanau sometime before the Civil War. Smith built a dock, known as Smith’s landing where settlers who lived on Lake Leelanau could dock and then walk into Traverse City to buy supplies. Hardly anything is […]

North Unity, Michigan

North Unity was a small settlement on Good Harbor Bay. It was first settled in the 1855 by Bohemian immigrants who came up the shore of Lake Michigan from Chicago to scout for a suitable place to start a settlement. The new settlers lived the first few years in a barracks that was 150 feet […]

Gill's Pier, Michigan

Gill’s Pier was founded as a lumber town. Today all that remains are the pylons from the old pier, the nearby St. Wenceslaus Church, and the Gill’s Pier Road. The Gill’s Pier Vineyard and Winery was named in honor of the town of Gill’s Pier. The town grew up around the William Gill and Son […]

Port Oneida, Michigan

In 1852 Carsten Burfiend of Hanover, Germany moved from North Manitou Island to the mainland, just west of Pyramid Point. Burfiend continued his work as a fisherman on the mainland and ferried settlers from the Manitou Islands to the mainland on his fishing boat. In 1862 Thomas Kelderhouse’s dock was completed on Carsten Burfiend’s land. […]

Crescent City, Michigan

The first settlements in Leelanau County were on the Manitou Islands. The islands provided natural safe, deep harbors for schooners and steamers and excellent fishing. Families living on both the North and the South Manitou Islands worked as fishermen, farmers or as lumbermen to supply fuel to the steamers. In 1844 Nicholas Pickard built wooden […]

Cedar, Michigan

The Polish community in Leelanau County originally consisted of four small settlements one or two miles apart. These settlements, Shomberg, Bodus, Cedar and Isadore began in 1868 when Polish families first started arriving in the county. The first wave of Poles in the county came to scout out the area. In the 1870s a large […]

Maple City, Michigan

Maple City is nestled in the heart of Leelanau County in a grove of grand maples trees. The countryside around Maple City is hilly with many farms, orchards, and lakes. Many Maple City settlers came to the area because of the Homestead Act of 1862 which “allowed anyone to file for a quarter-section of free […]

Greilickville, Michigan

Greilickville today cannot be distinguished from Traverse City. Located just north of Traverse City on the western shore of the Grand Traverse Bay, Greilickville is the first stop in Leelanau County, and yet there is no village to stop in. The only notice that one has passed into Greilickville is a sign attesting to the […]