Black Bear sightings up at the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore

BearonUS31nearHonor-GrandTraverseRegionalLandConservancyThe Glen Arbor Sun reports that Black bears have been sighted at Sleeping Bear Dunes! The story begins:

Northern Michigan and the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore is “bear country” and seeing one of these magnificent creatures may be a highlight of a visit to the park, particularly this summer, as there have been numerous bear sightings within the National Lakeshore near the Platte River Campground. Visitors have observed black bears crossing Lake Michigan Road, in the Platte River, and even traveling through the Platte River Campground. Superintendent Dusty Shultz noted, “This is the first year in recent memory in which bears have been observed so frequently. As always, the safety of our visitors and staff is our first priority.”

Park officials are compiling data on bear observations and if the bear obtained food from sources within the campground. Visitors have been very helpful in reporting the details of their sighting. Bears, like humans, are omnivores. Most of their diet is berries, nuts, and insects, but they are attracted to human food and have a very strong sense of smell.

Read on for more including information about protecting bears and how to best deal with a bear encounter. HINT: It’s not to smear yourself with honey and bacon and talk really loud about your pic-in-ic basket Boo-Boo!

photo courtesy Glen Arbor Sun



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