Fishtown Webcam from the Cove!

Fishtown via the Cove CamI ran into Sean Wanroy the other day, and he wondered if I’d checked out The Cove’s new Fishtown webcam.

When I got a chance to check it out, I was amazed at how cool it was, with pre-set views including Fishtown, the breakwall, the dam, up river towards the Merc, north Lake Street, Leland’s champion cottonwood and even a thermometer!

What’s makes it even cooler is that you take control and zoom and pan the camera to look at what you want.

Great addition to the area net by the Cove!

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  1. Sue Bullock
    Sue Bullock says:

    It’s wonderful to have the web cam. Now when will someone in Empire do the same thing! (Then you could check out how busy the beach is before driving over) Plus those amazing sunsets!

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