Leelanau backgrounds, wallpaper and photos

Long Story by Andy McFarlaneIt’s come to our attention that folks might not be following along with how we’re doing the whole Leelanau backgrounds/wallpaper and photo thing these days. For 8 years we posted them every so often on our Leelanau Backgrounds Page. Now, with the ability to take photos at such high resolutions and with the photo hosting site Flickr allowing us to upload those big and beautiful pictures, doing the backgrounds and photos the old way would take a lot of time that could otherwise be spent taking pics or just walking around enjoying the area’s beauty.

Plus, with so many other people taking great pictures of Leelanau County and the Traverse City area it seems kind of silly to deny you the chance to see their work. We feature photographs of the area in the daily updates to our Leelanau Blog in general and on our Leelanau Almanac pages.

You can click the links for wallpaper-sized photos or for the photo category. Many of those filed under “photos” are big enough to be used as wallpaper. To get them, all you have to do is click the photo to go over to Flickr. Once there, click the “All Sizes” button to get to the wallpaper-sized image. For some of them, you may have to be a Flickr member (it’s free) and/or a contact of the photographer.