Second Annual M-22 Challenge

Second Annual M-22 Challenge“The Broneah Brothers,” Matt and Keegan Meyers, are once again bringing us the M-22 Challenge to be held on June 12. The Challenge, which begins Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore park (aka Little Glen Lake Picnic Area), is multi-discipline event, with biking, running, and paddling, which is designed to challenge athletes against the natural terrain and environmental elements of the area.

The first leg requires athletes to bike approximately 17 miles around Big and Little Glen Lake. Bike highlights include a peddle through downtown Glen Arbor, sections along the Crystal River and the famous M-22, and of course, Inspiration Point. The Leelanau County Sheriffs Department will be leading the bikers in a “rolling enclosure” that will allow athletes use of the entire right lane of the roads.

For the second running portion, athletes will cross the street into the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Parkshore “Dune Climb” park and face a steep and sandy climb up the dune. The reward at the top is the view! Competitors will then catch their breath in a fun run down the dune and along a groomed trail to M-109. On the road, runners will sprint back to the event site and transition area to complete the approximate 2 mile run. Approximately half of the run will take place on pavement.

Transitioning from a run to the water, the third and final portion of the event has participants paddling out and back into Little Glen Lake for approximately 2 miles. Athletes are only allowed to use one (1) paddle to hand power their chosen craft (kayak, standup paddle board, anything else you can dream up! etc.) A two blade paddle is allowed, but in no way can the paddle be fixed to the craft.

The M-22 Challenge is a Zero-Waste event, “Green Certified” event, meaning every aspect of this event’s planning and operation is scrutinized to make sure that waste is not only minimized, but any wastes generated are able to be collected and processed via recycling/composting at local facilities.

Although registration for the event is sold out, volunteer opportunities are still available. And, of course, spectators are more than welcome to come and cheer on their favorites.

Be sure to check out the results from the 2009 M-22 Challenge and race photos!

Photo: M22 Challenge by Andy McFarlane