Working together on the Leelanau Peninsula

Little Girl at Port Onieda Beach by Jim Sorbie

On Wednesday night I attended a very interesting event hosted by the Leelanau Peninsula Vintners Association <> (LPVA) regarding ways that businesses and organizations in tourism-related fields can work together for mutual benefit. A few of the ideas discussed by representatives from the wineries, chambers, arts organizations and galleries, lodging and agricultural businesses and others included:

  • More “cross-marketing” efforts to copy the successes of states like Wisconsin, Western North Carolina (Handmade In America) and industries like the cruise industry and deliver a more complete visitor experience.
  • More events for the January – June period.
  • Input from geographic communities and also business sectors along with the creation of new initiatives like Project Authentic Leelanau, CraftWORKS Leelanau, a Leelanau Art Gallery Trail, a Leelanau Agricultural/Culinary Trail and the Leelanau Tourism Initiative.
  • Joining together to tell more people what a wonderful experience the Leelanau Peninsula offers.

Working with the LPVA’s Rick Coates, we at have pledged to provide a space for discussion of these efforts and for periodic reports from ongoing meetings with all kinds of organizations & communities.

In early 2007 Rick will be coordinating community-brainstorming sessions in each of the villages. These will be open to all interested in coordinating a peninsula wide effort. Check back here for dates and locations of these sessions.

Have an idea or a question? Don’t be shy – post a comment! Too shy for that? Call Andy at 231-256-2829!

Photo credit: Little Girl at Port Onieda Beach by Jim Sorbie