Cherry Jubilation by Mark Smith

Cherry Jubilation

Along with everything else, cherry blossoms  haveexploded across Leelanau in the last week as warm weather released pent-up energy. 
Sweet Cherry Sunset by Heather Higham

Leelanau's Cherry Blossoms are out!!

Leelanau's sweet cherry blossoms are OUT right now, with tarts soon to follow.
Empire beach sunset with bicycle by kcunning

Sleeping Bear Lakeshore considering Mountain Biking

From the Department of It's About Time comes news that the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore is considering permitting mountain biking (some day).
Forest Fire - Sleeping Bear Dunes by Todd

Red Flag Fire Danger for Leelanau today!!

mLive shares that the northern half of Lower Michigan has a red flag fire warning today, meaning that the warm, dry, windy conditions allow wildfires to not only start easily, but also spread quickly.
Full Moon by Wesley Bond

Blood Moon Eclipse on May 15th

On the night of Sunday, May 15th, a lunar eclipse will begin in Leelanau at 10:28 pm with total eclipse (when the moon turns red) occurring at 12:11 am.
Manitou Isle Unloading

Better Stay Off the Lake

A photo of the Manitou Isle ferry that we took 20 years ago plus another from Manitou Island Transit!
Funistrada at Glen Lake Restaurant Week

Glen Lake Restaurant Week ~ April 29 - May 7, 2022

The 7th annual Glen Lake Restaurant Week offers an array of dining around Glen Arbor.
Sleeping Bear Dunes Water Sand and Sky

Water, Sand & Sky - 4k Sleeping Bear film at The Bay

TV 9 & 10 shares that the Bay Community Theatre Organization will present a film showcasing the beauty of the dunes this April.
Sleeping Bear Point in Spring by Lisa Flaska Erickson

Spring on Sleeping Bear Point

Lisa shares, "It was a great beach day yesterday! We walked a 6 mile stretch at Sleeping Bear Point. Stunningly beautiful views in every direction."
Seasonal Workers in Leelanau County

Seasonal Housing Exchange for Summer Workers

This summer the Sleeping Bear Gateways Council is helping find hosts for seasonal employees through a housing exchange:
Dunesmobile Atop the Sleeping Bear by Joel Dinda

Atop the Sleeping Bear

Joel shared this cool old shot of a Dunesmobile that his father captured on an Agfachrome slide in the summer of 1965.
Twilights Last Gleaming by Mark Smith

Twilight's Last Gleaming

While Mother Nature almost certainly has another blast of cold in store, it looks like we'll have temps in the 50s again today & temps mainly above freezing ahead.